Pushbutton Switch Features Splash-/Vandal-Proof Construction

Pushbutton Switch Features Splash-/Vandal-Proof Construction

The 12-mm EH series pushbutton switch from CIT Relay & Switch brandishes rugged construction that withstands splashing and is vandal-proof. The momentary switch function maintains an electrical rating of 2 A at 48 V dc, with a lifetime of 200,000 cycles. Contact resistance drops under 50 mΩ, and insulation resistance is greater than 100 MΩ at 250 V dc. Dielectric strength between contacts measures 2000 V rms. Actuation force is 500 ±100 gF with actuator travel of 1.7 ±0.25 mm. Operating and storage temperature ranges from ‒20 to 70°C. The round-style switch comes in either brushed stainless steel or black anodized aluminum finish. The actuator consists of stainless steel or polybutylene terephthalate; the base consists of the latter. Connection is via screw terminals or solder lug termination.


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