Electronic Design

PWM Controllers Integrate MOSFET Gate Drivers

Sliding in as the industry’s first full-bridge PWM controllers to integrate all four primary-side bridge MOSFET gate drivers, the LM5045 and LM5046 ease the design of full-bridge power converters by reducing the number of external power components. The LM5045 packs all the necessary features to implement a conventional full-bridge topology power converter using either current mode or voltage mode control.  For applications requiring zero-voltage switching (ZVS) to minimize electro-magnetic interference (EMI) due to switching noise, the LM5046 PWM controller contains all necessary components to implement a phase-shifted full-bridge topology. Available in 5 mm x 5 mm x 0.8 mm LLP and 4.4 mm x 9.7 mm x 0.9 mm TSSOPs, prices for the LM5045 and LM5046 are $2.25 and $2.45 each/1,000, respectively.  NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 272-9959.

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