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PWM Ring Generator Operates At Up To 325V

Generating high voltage outputs without using step-up transformers, HV430WG PWM Ring Generator operates at up to 325V with 5V CMOS logic. Ring signal voltages up to 105VRMS for loads up to 50 RENS can be obtained, depending on the MOSFETs selected. Pulse-by-pulse over current protection is implemented on both MOSFETs, and the RESET input functions as a power-on reset and as a low voltage lock-out to allow for hot swapping. Control can be accomplished as a single-input mode with one input signal controlling both outputs in a complementary fashion, or in a dual-input mode with each output controlled independently using logic inputs to the PIN and NIN pins. A logic-level Enable input lets the ring generator output be placed in a high-impedance state.

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