PWMs Support Multiphase Solutions For CPU And DDR Memory

PWMs Support Multiphase Solutions For CPU And DDR Memory

The latest generation of International Rectifier’s CHiL digital pulse-width modulation (PWM) controllers meets Intel VR12 and VR12.5 specifications and supports multiphase designs from one to eight phases operating one to two loops.

These PMBus-enabled integrated PowIRstage solutions are designed for mid-range to high-end server, desktop, and computing applications. They can be used in combination with a choice of seven new PowIRstage products to deliver an end-to-end multiphase solution for CPU and double-data-rate (DDR) memory applications.

Enhanced features over the previous generation include significant expansion in the PMBus command set, reduction in quiescent current to enable higher peak efficiency, min/max telemetry recording, and an improved high-speed phase balance algorithm.


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