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Quarter-Brick DC-DC Module Series Adds More Power At Lower Cost

Three models have been added to Ericsson Power Modules' PKM-E series of dc-dc converters, providing additional output voltage ranges, more current, and more power for designers of telecom and data equipment products. The new modules are the PKM4515ZE PI (48-V input, 24-V/2.1-A/50-W output), the PKM4619E PI (48-V input, 2.5-V/25-A/62.5-W output), and the PKM4810E PI (48-V input, 3.3-V/25-A/82.5-W output). The PKM4515ZE PI is specially designed to power fans, blowers, and fan trays (rack-mounted trays containing multiple fans that are inserted into rack-based electronic systems).

To enable multiple sourcing, the modules use the common, industry-standard quarter-brick format, while employing a cost-efficient proprietary open-frame design that allows very competitive pricing. Efficiency is typically 92% at 3.3 V out and half-load. The input voltage range is 36 to 75 Vdc. The modules feature remote on/off capability, output voltage adjustment, remote sense, and current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. The entire PKM family uses a single-side component-mounting design, which also keeps the cost low. The modules are only 8.5 mm high, making them well-suited for low-profile applications. An optional heatsink is available for cold wall mounting. Reliability is rated at 1.5 million hours MTBF at 40°C. The modules are fully RoHS-compliant.

In OEM quantities, the PKM4515ZE PI costs $21.46, and the PKM4619E PI and PKM4810E PI are $24.68. For more information, go to

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