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Rack-Mountable UPS Mixes 4000 W With Scalable Runtime

The Smart-UPS 5-kVA XL uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a rack-mountable unit capable of a full 4000 W of output power. In addition to scalable extended runtime, the device offers comprehensive remote-monitoring capabilities thanks to the company's pre-installed Network Management Card EX. This card provides performance power protection for rack-mounted, business-critical equipment within only 5U of rack space. It also includes standards-based monitoring, control, and event handling for the UPS as well as unattended remote shutdown for systems over a network. Applications include servers, networking systems, and telecom systems. Furthermore, this supply accommodates up to 10 external battery packs for runtime of up to nearly three hours at the full load capacity of 4000 W. The extra battery packs require only 3U of additional rack space. Both the UPS and external battery pack contain hot-swappable batteries that can be quickly replaced without powering down the connected load or removing from the rack. The Smart-UPS 5-kVA XL is currently available in 208- and 230-V I/O models with a price of $3479.

American Power Conversion
www.apc.com; (800) 877-4080

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