Rad-Hard PoL Switching Regulator Targets Thermal Management In Space

Rad-Hard PoL Switching Regulator Targets Thermal Management In Space

Aerospace and satellite power applications requiring greater power-system efficiency could opt for Intersil’s radiation-hardened, 12-V input point-of-load (PoL) synchronous buck switching regulator. The ISL70003SEH operates over an input voltage range of 3.0 to 13.2 V. Integration of upper and lower switching MOSFETs plus an advanced packaging technique eliminates the need for an external heatsink. Furthermore, by using a synchronous rectification topology, MOSFETs can switch seamlessly, improving efficiency and thermal management while reducing power loss. The regulator also employs a voltage-mode control architecture with feed-forward, and switches at a selectable frequency of 500 or 300 kHz. Loop compensation is externally adjustable. An integrated buffer amplifier handles double-data-rate (DDR) power applications. The ISL70003SEH’s radiation hardness achieves a ±1% reference-voltage variation over line, temperature, and radiation. Voltage accuracy is ±5%, while single-event-transient (SET) response measures ±3%. A 14.7-V absolute maximum rating in the heavy ion environment at a linear energy transfer of 86MeV × cm2/mg delivers an adequate de-rating margin for 12-V applications.


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