Rad-Hard Voltage References Ensure Signal Integrity

Rad-Hard Voltage References Ensure Signal Integrity

Intersil expanded its line of rad-hard voltage references with four new devices: the ISL71091SEH10, 20, 33, and 40. Providing voltages previously unavailable for the rad-hard space market (10, 2.048, 3.3 and 4.096 V respectively), the references enhance overall accuracy for 11- and 12-bit ADC resolution applications.

Improved output voltage noise and a reference voltage that’s stable over time, temperature, and ionizing radiation boosts precision in satellite data-acquisition, signal-processing, and power-management applications. By incorporating the company’s SOI-based PR40 process, the devices deliver single-event latch-up (SEL) immunity to ensure robust performance in heavy ion environments.

The family features very low output noise with an initial voltage accuracy of 0.05%. Voltage accuracy is ±0.15% over temperature (-55 to +125°C) and ±0.25% ionizing radiation. Temperature coefficient measures 6 ppm/°C.

On-chip sinking capability eliminates the need for buffering; the devices can source 10 mA and sink 5 mA. Each device comes in a compact 8-lead flatpack.


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