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Rad-Hardened MOSFETs Come In SMT Packs

This 28-pin LCC package is a hermetically-sealed SMT replacement for 14-pin side-brazed packages often used for rad-hardened power MOSFETs. At 0.89 gram, the package is lighter and has a smaller footprint than the alternative and offers a lower junction-to-case thermal resistance of 10.4°C/W/FET compared with 17°C/W/FET for other solutions. The 28-pin LCC lets users specify a number of die configurations and can be used with a quad (four size 1 or 2 FETs) or any combination of firm's rad-hardened or standard dice, depending upon size. Standard radiation-hardened combinations include 4 n-channel (IRHQ6110), 4 p-channel (IRHQ9110), and 2 n-/2 p-channel (IRHQ6110) power MOSFETs.


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