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Rectifiers Can Be Paralleled Or Power Doubled

The Common Cathode Series Modules use the firm's fast H-series FWD chips necessary for fast switching applications. Their terminal design allows for parallel operation of the internal diodes to provide users with either dual common-cathode connected diodes or, by connecting pins 1 and 3, a single diode rated at twice the current of the dual device. Two available terminal heights of 30 or 36 mm facilitate matching existing power modules and making bus bar connections. The modules are electrically isolated for easy mounting with other components on common heat sinks. Applications are inverters, choppers, welding and switched-mode power supplies, high-frequency rectifiers, free-wheeling diodes and regenerative braking applications. The modules have FLEX-TERM terminals, H-series planar chips, parallel diodes for up to 600A and 2500 vacRMS isolated mounting.


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