Electronic Design

Rectifiers Carry JEDEC Blessing

The 1N8018/1N8020 series and the 1N8021/1N8023 series are the company’s latest JEDEC-registered hyper fast recovery rectifiers. The 1N8018/1N8020 Series (previously SHF1100/SHF1200 Series) consists of 9-nanosecond hyper fast soft recovery, low EMI rectifiers and the 1N8021/1N8023 Series (previously SHF1101 - SHF1201 Series) consists of 5-nanosecond hyper fast rectifiers. Both series feature 1A, 100V to 200V axial leaded and surface-mount square-tab devices with a low forward voltage drop of 0.98V at 1A. The devices are hermetically sealed in a void free glass ceramic construction to form a high temperature metallurgical category I bond. SOLID STATE DEVICES INC. La Mirada, CA. (562) 404-4474.

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