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Image courtesy of Linear Technology

(Image courtesy of Linear Technology).

Reference Design Simplifies Relay of Diagnostic Information from Sensors

To meet the growing demand for large automated electrical networks, Linear Technology has introduced a new IO-Link reference design kit, which includes the DC2228A 8-Port IO-Link master and DC2227A IO-Link device reference designs. This kit implements an IO-Link v1.1 physical interface, which sends diagnostic information on hardware, cables, and software directly to the control level of a system.

IO-Link is a point-to-point serial communication standard that allows for the simplified integration of sensors and actuators to an automated control mechanism. Used primarily in complex automated systems, such as sorting and packaging technologies, an IO-Link design typically uses monitoring relays for preventative maintenance.

The DC2228A is a complete master reference design that can integrate 8 IO-Link devices simultaneously with individual port isolation and fault reporting support. This technology reduces the number of integrated circuits within the system, resulting in a more direct exchange of parameter data from sensors to switching devices.

Operating on a pair of LTC2874 quad master integrated circuits, it features controller-protected L+ outputs with 200mA supply and 400mA start-up pulse capability and a 39V transient voltage suppression diode. It functions with an input range of 20 to 30 V and supports a Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection.

With the master reference design implemented, the system can be monitored and controlled directly from software on a Windows PC or remotely through Ethernet for more accurate factory-floor simulation. In addition, the DC2228A supports all IO-Link devices, including the DC2227A, and can be modified based on operational requirements. 

Compatible with all IO-Link master reference designs, the DC2227A is a complete IO-Link device reference design equipped with an onboard temperature sensor, light sensor, and incandescent lamp. It uses an LT3669-2 device transceiver integrated circuit that features ±60V line protection and high-current driving capabilities, a 300mA step-down regulator, and 150mA low-dropout regulator. Operating within an input range of 18 to 36 V supplied via an IO-Link cable, the DC2227A builds IO-Link device description files from service data and transfers them directly to the control software managing the system. These files also support both IO-Link and SIO device operation.

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