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Resonant Controller And Half-Bridge Driver Integrated On-Chip

By integrating a resonant converter control circuit with half-bridge driver circuits capable of operating at voltages up to 600V, the L6598 chip can reduce the component count for resonant converters, making them more attractive for use in ac-to-dc adapters, dc-to-dc modules, monitors, TVs, and wherever a resonant topology can be beneficial. And by operating at up to 350 kHz, the device can be used with compact external filter components, contributing to further space savings.Available housed in either a 16-pin SO or DIP package, the L6598 chip includes a voltage controlled oscillator, soft start frequency shift timer, bootstrap diode, enables, and undervoltage lockout functions. The IC’s half-bridge driver section has a 250-mA source and 450-mA sink capability, providing enough current to efficiently drive high-power MOS or IGBT transistors at high frequencies.


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