Electronic Design

RF Power MOSFETs Top Previous PAE Standards

Power-added efficiency (PAE) is the ratio of the difference of the power gain of an RF power amp to the dc power that amp consumes. In commercial wireless systems at 175 and 500 MHz in cell phones at 800 and 900 MHz, it’s customary to use two MOSFET stages in the final output, running off a 3.6-V rail.

For those typical applications, Renesas has applied a new process technology to boost PAE. The n-channel first-stage RQA0014 has 55% higher PAE than previous devices in the series, and the RQA0010 has 60% better PAE. Used in tandem, they can achieve 1.2-W output at 3.6 V. The transistors include internal electrostatic discharge protection, and they meet immunity level 4 (14 kV) as well.

Production quantities will be available in the third quarter in Renesas’ UPAK source-flange surface-mount packaging at $0.19 for the RQA0014 and $0.30 for the RQA0010.



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