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Rotary Pot Boasts Life Cycle Of 1 Million Rotations

A robust device suitable for panel-mount configurations, the Model P270 27-mm rotary potentiometer from BI Technologies’ Electronic Components Div., features a life cycle of up to 1 million rotations. The RoHS-compliant, conductive-plastic potentiometer comes in resistance ranges of 1 k\[u.c. greek omega\] to 1 M\[u.c. greek omega\] with a standard tolerance of \[plus and minus sign\]10%. Power ratings are 2 W at 70\[degree sign\]C. Maximum input voltage is 500 V dc, and dielectric strength is 1000 V ac. Operating temperature ranges from \[minus sign\]55\[degree sign\]C to 120\[degree sign\]C. The potentiometer is available with a dust-proof option, as well as in full-seal, center-tap, and dual-gang versions. BI Technologies can also produce devices outside of these specifications to meet customer requirements. Lead times for the Model P270 rotary potentiometer are from stock to five weeks. Typical pricing for a standard Model P270 is $4.00 to $6.00.

For more information, visit www.bitechnologies.com/products/panel_pots_sg.htm.

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