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Rugged GaN-on-SiC Transistors Operate At 50V

PCIM 2012 Nuremberg: Richardson RFPD unveiled eight devices representing the new gallium-nitride (GaN) on silicon-carbide (SiC) family of power transistors from M/A-COM Technology Solutions. Targeted applications include the L- and S-Band from 960MHz to 3500MHz.

The GaN-on-SiC transistors provide rugged 50V operation with greater than 175W breakdown voltage, translating into reliable and stable operation in extreme mismatched load conditions. The devices come in thermally enhanced Cu/Mo/Cu flanged ceramic packages, and are EAR99-compliant.

Features vary for the specific models:

MAGX-000912-125L00 and MAGX-000912-250L00

  • 969MHz to 1215MHz frequency range
  • GaN-on-SiC HEMT 125W and 250W pulsed power transistors
  • Internally matched
  • Common source configuration
  • Power-added efficiency of 60%
  • Developed for avionics applications, such as Mode-S, TCAS, JTIDS, DME and TACAN

MAGX-001214-125L00 and MAGX-001214-250L00:

  • 1200MHz to 1400MHz Frequency Range
  • GaN-on-SiC HEMT 125W and 250W pulsed power transistors
  • Operates effectively even in extreme mismatch load conditions
  • Developed for L-Band radar applications


  • 1200MHz to 2000MHz frequency range
  • GaN-on-SiC HEMT 100W power transistor
  • High gain, efficiency, and superior ruggedness over a wide bandwidth
  • Drain efficiency of 55%
  • Withstands 10:1 load mismatches

MAGX-002731-030L00 and MAGX-002731-100L00:

  • 2700MHz to 3100MHz frequency range
  • GaN on SiC HEMT 30W and 100W pulsed power transistors
  • High performance with extreme ruggedness
  • Breakdown performance excels up to 175V
  • Developed for civilian and military pulsed radar applications

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