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Rugged Lead-Acid Charger Packs A 500-W Wallop

This is no tiny smart-charger IC for lithiumions. Instead, Absopulse Electronics' BCH501-BTC is a constant-voltage charger with high power density for big lead-acids. Only 6 by 2.63 by 13.82 in. and 5.7 lb, it nonetheless cranks out 500 W.

Like its tiny IC brethren, it has some built-in intelligence. Battery-temperature compensation enables the charger to modify its output voltage so the charge voltage is reduced as the battery temperature rises and increased when the batteries cool. (The adjustment rate is approximately 3 mV/cell/°C.)

Other features include inrush current limiting and overvoltage protection. Its rectangular current limiting provides short-circuit protection. A self-resetting thermostat offers thermal protection and battery reverse-polarity protection. And, the chip features low-battery disconnect and charger-failure and low-battery alarms.

For 12-, 24-, and 48-V dc batteries, standard float voltages and currents are 13.8 V at 36 A, 27.6 V at 18 A, and 55.2 V at 9 A. Input is jumper-selected 110/220 V ac (±15%). Quantity pricing is $514 each.

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Absopulse Electronics

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