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Rugged Power MOSFETs Have Low RDS(ON)

A family of low-voltage HEXFET power MOSFETs targets applications such as automotive and UPS industries. These products are said to break the compromise between on-resistance and ruggedness against transients and other fault conditions. These devices also are said to offer the best-in-class RDS(ON) ratings while providing avalanche ratings that are several times greater than previous HEXFET generations and more than five times that of any available trench devices. Named the Benchmark HEXFET series, these devices are targeted at high-end applications such as braking, power steering, and 42V integrated starter/alternators found in modern automobiles and in the main primary side switches in UPS inverters. Operating temperature is up to 175ºC ambient. On-resistance ranges from 3 to 5.5 mW for Benchmark Series in Super-220, Super-D2Pak, TO-220 packages, and loose die.


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TAGS: Automotive
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