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Schottky Barrier Diodes Have Ultra-Low Forward Voltages

Suitable for use in portable computers, battery chargers, small power supplies, and more, a trio of Schottky barrier diodes offers ultra-low forward voltage ratings. The RBxx1L-xO Series of diodes is available in the very small PMDS SMT package (0.177" x 0.105"), which is resistant to soldering heat.The RB081L-20 device is a 5A diode with average forward current of 1A and a forward voltage of just 0.29V. With reverse voltage of 20V, the reverse current is less than 0.7 mA. As a result, these diodes are well suited for voltage rectification and reverse-voltage protection. Their low operating losses make them extremely efficient devices.All three diodes in the series can withstand peak forward currents of 70A (1 cycle at 60 Hz). All may be operated with junction temperatures up to 125°C and can be stored in ambient temperatures from -40°C to 125°C. Delivery is in 12 to 14 weeks.


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