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Schottky Rectifiers Break Voltage Barrier

Solid State Devices claims its 200V Schottky rectifiers are the highest voltage silicon Schottky devices currently on the market. Hermetically sealed, the devices are available in single die or dual centertap configurations with a forward current rating of 40A to 80A. In Sedpack and Cerpack packages, the surface-mount SED40KB200 and SED40G200 Series spec a forward current of 40A and a forward voltage drop of 0.95V at 40A/+25°C. The SSR40150J and SSR40200J Series feature a 40A rating and a forward voltage drop of 1.1V at 40A/+25°C. They come in sealed TO-257 packages with a maximum operating temperature of +200°C. The SSR80200CTM/Z Series includes 80A dual centertap rectifiers available in TO-254 or TO-254Z hermetic packages. They specify a forward voltage drop of 1.05V at 40A/+25°C and a maximum operating temperature of +200°C. Solid State Devices Inc. La Mirada, CA. (562) 404-4474.

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