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Schottky Rectifiers Carry QPL Certification

Schottky Rectifiers Carry QPL Certification

Ready for space applications, the company’s latest high-reliability Schottky rectifiers are QPL-certified and available in 45V and 100V reverse-recovery-voltage ratings. They can handle 15A to 45A of current and come in TO-254, TO-257, TO-258, or SMD0.5 hermetic packages in single-device, doubler, or common-cathode configurations. Pricing ranges from $263 for the JANS1N6660DT1 to US $350 for the JANS1N7070CCT3 each in 100-unit quantities. For more information, contact Sian Cummins at INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER CORP., El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7148 or [email protected]

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