Electronic Design

Schottky Rectifiers Enable PV Solar Cell Bypass Protection

With current ratings from 10A to 60A, twelve 45V TMBS Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers specify forward voltage drops down to 0.33V at 10A. Optimized for use in solar cell junction boxes as bypass protection diodes, the devices include the dual-chip V(B,F)T1045CBP, V(B,F)T2045CBP, V(B,F)T3045CBP, and V(B,F)T6045CBP. All come in power TO-220AB, ITO-220AB, and TO-263AB packages. Shared features include a maximum operation junction temperature of +150°C and less than or equal to 200°C maximum junction temperature in DC forward current without reverse bias (t ≤ 1 hour). Pricing starts at $0.60 each/10,000. VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY, INC., Malvern, PA. (619) 336-0860.

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