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Schottky/PIN Diode Line Grows

Six-leaded, SOT-363 packaging is now available for the company's line of PIN and Schottky-barrier diodes. The package has the same outside dimensions as the SOT-323 three-leaded package, and the devices perform as well or better than the same chips in SOT-23 or -143 SMT packages used for single diodes.The HSMP-38xa series PIN diodes are optimized for switching applications that call for low resistance at low current and low capacitance. They're a good choice for portable wireless products. The HSMS-28xK series of high-isolation, unconnected-pair diodes offers isolation that's up to 10 dB greater than in the larger SOT-143 package. The HSMS-286K high-isolation, unconnected-pair, dc-biased detector diodes meet the needs of read-only and read-write RF systems.

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