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SDRAMs Extend Battery Life in Portable Devices

SDRAMs Extend Battery Life in Portable Devices

According to Alliance Memory, its products on display at Electronica provide reliable drop-in, pin-for-pin-compatible replacements for similar solutions in the industrial, medical, communications, and telecom industries that require high memory bandwidth. Offerings include mobile low-power DDRs designed to increase efficiency and extend battery life in compact portable devices that consume 1.7 to 1.95 V. New high-speed CMOS double-data-rate-3 synchronous DRAMs (DDR3 SDRAMs) with high densities of 1, 2, and 4 Gbytes are offered in a variety of configurations. They operate from a single 1.5-V power supply and feature a clock rate of 1600 MHz. Further offerings include DDR SDRAMs and DDR2 SDRAMs.


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