Signal-Generator Series Delivers 3-/6-GHz Performance

Signal-Generator Series Delivers 3-/6-GHz Performance

The DSG3000 3GHz/6GHz RF signal source family, developed by RIGOL Technologies and available from Saelig, offers standard AM/FM/phase modulation, plus options for I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output. The generators produce waveforms with high signal purity, phase noise less than 110 dBc/Hz at 20 kHz, and an output ranging from ‒130 to +13 dBm. Standard pulse modulation has an on/off ratio of up to 80 dB; an optional pulse-train generator is available. Amplitude accuracy surpasses 0.5 dB, and the standard 0.5-ppm internal clock can be upgraded to an optional 5-ppb, high-stability oven-controlled clock. The DSG3000 series , featuring a wear-free electronic attenuator design, supports internal and external modulation, and operate with USB, LAN, LXI-C, and GPIB remote-control interfaces. An automatic flatness calibration function, via external automated power-meter control over USB, can be used as an automatic flatness calibration test system for cables, attenuators, amplifiers, etc. Applications include wireless communication, radar test, and audio/video broadcasting.



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