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Single-Ended PWM Controllers Go Rad-Hard

Single-Ended PWM Controllers Go Rad-Hard

Reporting excellent radiation performance for total dose and single-event effects, the ISL7884x family of rad-hard, single-ended PWM controllers are pin compatible with industry standards and QML Qualified per MIL-PRF-38535. Screened to DSCC SMD# 5962-07249, the family includes four controllers that meet 100 krad(Si) total dose specifications and have been tested for single-event effects with single event latch-up (SEL), burn out (SEB) and transient (SET) performance up to LET = 86.4 MeV/mg/cm2. The series also offers Class V and Class Q manufacturing flows for packaged versions, and a Class V flow for die. Other features include a 1A MOSFET gate driver, fast transient response with peak current mode control, and current sense propagation delay of only 35 ns. All versions operate from a 9V to 13.2V input voltage and over the MIL temperature range of -55°C to +125°C ambient. Start-up current is typically 220 µA over the full temperature range and with 100 Krad (Si) total dose radiation. All of the devices feature an adjustable switching frequency up to 1 MHz and a high peak-current drive capability with a 50 ns rise and fall times into a 1 nF capacitance. The series is available in eight-lead hermetic ceramic flat packs and die versions with prices beginning at $372.55 each. ISL7884x/proto pricing starts at $102.94. INTERSIL CORP., Milpitas, CA. (888) 352-6832.
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