Single-Supply LDOs Operate Down To 1.045 V VIN

Single-Supply LDOs Operate Down To 1.045 V VIN

Two new low-dropout (LDO) regulators support 2- and 3-A loads from a single low-voltage supply with a maximum dropout voltage of 140 mV. Exar’s XRP6274 and 6275 operate with low voltage rails of 1.1 to 2.5 V, suiting them for point-of-load voltage regulation in communications, industrial-system, and space-constrained consumer-device applications. Neither external bias voltage nor an internal charge pump is needed to achieve the low dropout performance. Startup is guaranteed from an input voltage down to 1.045 V. The devices provide output voltages down to 0.6 V with an accuracy of 0.5% when using ceramic capacitors. Precision enable and power-good functions facilitate sequencing and control. Both regulators come in 10-pin, 3- by 3-mm DFN packages.


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