Smart Battery Charger Estimates Fastest Possible Charge

Smart Battery Charger Estimates Fastest Possible Charge

Eschewing an external CPU or system hardware, Maxim’s latest battery charger automatically can detect adapter types and charges at the highest possible current. The MAX77301 Li+ battery charger integrates the intelligence to enumerate with the host device, automatically identify the adapter type, and then determine the fastest rate to charge a battery. With advanced temperature monitoring, the MAX77301 automatically modulates the charge current and battery regulation voltage to maximize safety in any temperature environment. To enhance battery safety, battery makers often recommend charging “gently” in cold or hot ambient temperatures, which often requires a microcontroller to monitor and control the charger. The MAX77301 solves this problem by automatically setting charge parameters at a safe level. It comes in a 25-bump, 2.44mm by 2.44mm wafer-level package.

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