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SOT-23 Power MOSFETs Dissipate 1.5W

A pair of Little Foot SOT-23 power MOSFETs carry 30V ratings and can handle up to 2.5A of current. The Si2304DS (N-channel) and Si2303DS (P-channel) devices can replace SO-8 or TSSOP-8 devices for load switching and power switching in portable computers, cell phones, and bar-code scanners.In notebook PCs, the MOSFETs are particularly suited for cell balancing in Li-ion batteries, where a MOSFET is used to partially discharge one of the cells to ensure that all cells reach full charge at the same time. Both devices can dissipate 1.5W, despite their small package size. On-resistance is 0.117 ohms for the N-channel device and 0.240 ohms for the P-channel type.


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