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SOT-23's FET Boasts Of Low On-Resistance

The TN5325 has a guaranteed n on-resistance of just 8 ohms maximum, reportedly the lowest recorded by a SOT-23 packaged 250V MOSFET. The device's drain-to-source breakdown voltage is 250V minimum and its drain-to-source on resistance is 7 ohms maximum. Also, maximum switching times are as follows: td(on) = 20 ns, tr = 15 ns, td(off) = 25 ns, and tf = 25 ns. The device is also available in a SOT 89 (TO-243AA) package and a TO-92 package, designated as the TN5325N8 and TN5325N3, respectively. Prices range from $0.23 to $0.31 each/10,000.

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