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Step-Up DC/DC Converter Delivers 1.9V Output

Delivering what is considered to be the lowest output voltage of any step-up dc/dc converter on the market, the NCP1402 provides an output voltage of 1.9V in a five-pin SOT-23 package. The device also boasts of a 60% reduction in size compared to its predecessor, the MC33463.Other features of the dc/dc converter include an efficiency of 85%, output current up to 80 mA, and what are said to be lower noise specifications than competing devices. Integral units include a PFM oscillator, controller and comparator, a voltage reference, soft-start function, feedback resistors, and a driver and power MOSFET switch with current-limit protection. The device is designed to start up with a cell voltage of 0.8V and will operate down to less than 0.3V. Price is $0.40 each/12,000.


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