Electronic Design

Step-Down Controller’s 0.6-V Reference Drives Next-Generation High-Current ICs

The LTC1629-6 PolyPhase synchronous step-down controller features a 0.6-V reference designed to power the next generation of high-current sub-1-V ICs, including network processors and graphics chips. The device drives two output stages out of phase at frequencies up to 300 kHz. This configuration minimizes the requirement for input capacitors. The LTC1629-6's output clock signal allows for up to 12 evenly phased controllers in systems requiring 15 to 200 A of load current. Operating from a 4- to 36-V input supply, the controller is offered in a 28-lead SSOP. It drives n-channel external MOSFET stages in a phase-lockable fixed-frequency architecture. The LTC1629-6 is guaranteed for operation from -40°C to 85°C. In 1000-unit quantities, it costs $5.95 each.

Linear Technology Corp.
www.linear.com; (408) 432-1900

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