Step-Down Switching Regulators Include Built-In Power MOSFET

Step-Down Switching Regulators Include Built-In Power MOSFET

Rohm’s step-down switching regulators come with a built-in 45-V, 800-mΩ power MOSFET. The BD9G101G series provides 0.5-A dc output with excellent line and load regulation for smart power management in a SOT23 (SSOP6) package. The operating frequency is fixed at 1.5 MHz, allowing the use of a small inductor and a ceramic capacitor to reduce space requirements. All phase compensation components are integrated. The input voltage can vary from 6 to 42 V while the internal reference voltage is set to 0.75 V with a typical accuracy of ±1.5%. Features include internal over-current protection, under-voltage lockout, and thermal shutdown. The BD9G101G series will suit industrial distributed power and automotive applications, battery-powered equipment, and medical instruments.


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