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Electronic Design

Surge Stopper Integrates Ideal Diode for Protection

LinearTech_0725-ADesigned by Linear Technology, the LTC4364 surge stopper with ideal diode provides compact and low-loss protection for 4 V to 80 V electronics in automotive, avionics and industrial systems. The surge stopper shields downstream electronics from input overvoltages and overcurrent, enabling continuous operation through transient surges. Unique to the surge stopper is ideal diode control, which replaces a Schottky diode in the power path with a low loss N-channel MOSFET. The ideal diode, along with a robust front-end, protects the load from a reversed input down to -40 V, and maintains the output voltage during an input brownout. With a simple input clamp, the device can handle transient surges beyond 100 V and can survive -20 V at the output. Adjustable input undervoltage and overvoltage thresholds block start-up for out-of-range voltages. The LTC4364 surge stopper is offered in 14-pin DFN (4 mm x 3 mm), and 16-lead MSOP and SO packages. Available in production quantities, pricing begins at $3.45 each/1,000.

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