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Electronic Design

Switching Controller Features Current- And Voltage-Modes

adp1853_pr_shot-AThe ADP1853, from Analog Devices, is a wide-input-range, synchronous, step-down dc-to-dc controller with voltage tracking and advanced clock synchronization capability. The device can be configured as a voltage-mode controller with input feed-forward or as a current-mode controller, depending on the application and customer preference. It has clock-out and synchronization input to ensure 180-degree phase-shifted synchronization, and tracking capability enables controlled start-up. The ability to connect in parallel achieves a current delivery of up to 50 A depending on the external FETs. The ADP1853 is designed for high-efficiency, high-current, fast-transient, point-of-load applications in a range of communications networking, industrial, medical, and consumer applications. Packaged in a 20-lead LFCSP and operating in a -40°C to +125°C temperature range, the ADP1853ACPZ-R7 dc-to-dc switching controller is available now in full production at $1.20 each/1,000.

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