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Switching Controllers Target General-Purpose Supplies

A trio of switching controllers for general-purpose power supplies addresses the need for greater flexibility in high-efficiency switching power supply designs. The LM3477, LM3478, and LM3488 are the first devices in a family of small, versatile solutions with a wide range of input voltages, high operating frequencies and other advanced features. Typical applications include custom power supplies in high-volume systems such as DSL and cable modems, set-top boxes, desktop and notebook PCs, distributed power systems, automotive information appliances and a variety of battery-powered portable products. The controllers can be used in traditional switching regulator topologies such as buck, boost and flyback, as well as other topologies including CUK, inverting and SEPIC.
The LM3477 controller is for topologies requiring high-side N-FETs, while the LM3478 and LM3488 controllers are suited for regulator topologies requiring low-side N-FETs. Pricing for the LM3477MM and LM3478- MM in an 8-lead mini-S08 package is $1.65 each/1,000 and $1.95 each for the LM3488-MM.


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