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Switching Regulator Targets Portable Apps

This micropower SOT-23 boost converter offers a tiny, low-power solution for portable products. The LT1615 switching regulator's constant off-time control provides low ripple at high output currents, while its burst mode operation is said to reduce quiescent current to only 20 µA. Its 350 mA, 36V internal power switch allows output voltages as high as 34V to be easily generated from an input as low as 1.2V using a simple boost topology. The device is suited for generating the high voltages necessary for LCD bias supplies in applications such as PDAs, digital cameras, and other handheld electronic products. It operates from a 1.2V to 15V supply, leaving it suited for 2-cell NiCd/NiMH, alkaline or 1-cell Li-Ion applications.


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