Switching Voltage Regulators Power LNB Downconverters Via Coax

Switching Voltage Regulators Power LNB Downconverters Via Coax

Fully integrated linear and switching voltage regulators developed by Allegro MicroSystems supply the power and interface signal to low-noise block (LNB) downconverters through a coaxial cable. The “Generation 5” A8300 and A8300-1 are optimized for low-profile ceramic boost capacitors and lower-cost electrolytic capacitors, respectively. For DiSEqC communication, the ICs provide an internal 22-kHz tone that’s gated with a control pin, or accept an external 22-kHz tone through the same pin. Integrated tone-detection capability enables full two-way DiSEqC communications. There’s also an integrated gate drive for the filter bypass FET. A power-saving “sleep” pin quickly shuts down the device if needed without using I2C control, and an Early Power Failure (EPF) function helps verify the status of the 12-V rail as well as initiates shutdown routines. Packaging is a 4- by 4-mm, 24-contact lead-free QFN with tin-plated leadframe.


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