Tandem Diodes Offer “Economical Alternative” To SiC

Tandem Diodes Offer “Economical Alternative” To SiC

According to STMicroelectronics, its second generation of tandem diodes contribute to energy efficiency of equipment such as power supplies, solar inverters, and electric vehicle charging points. The new diodes lower the reverse-recovery charge (QRR) to minimize switching losses to extend their efficiency advantage over standard ultrafast diodes. The lower QRR also speeds up the fine-tuning of circuit designs. Performance approaches that of silicon-carbide diodes, which are typically at least 30% more expensive.

The second-generation devices joining ST’s 600-V tandem diode family are the STTH8T06DI, rated for 8-A average forward current, and the STTH12T06DI for applications up to 12 A. The devices’ peak forward surge-current ratings match those of ultrafast diodes, ensuring robustness and reliability. Operating junction temperature ranges from -40 to 175°C.


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