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Technology Forecast 2012: Power

Technology Forecast 2012: Power

Gallium Nitride FETs and the Smart Grid are on Don Tuite’s mind as he makes his predictions for power in 2012. Both technology areas may prove to be a boon for power designers in the coming year.


GaN And The Smart Grid Continue To Shape Power’s Future—Hopefully

In power electronics, a golden age of high-efficiency switching supplies and  a robust grid awaits. That’s where companies big and small are placing their bets. But these are still early days...

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Thermal Management Will Move Beyond Traditional Models

Thermal management will always be at the forefront of design, especially as components shrink in size, while adding more functionality and processing more data at faster rates...

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Smart, Green Power Drives Changes In T&M Power Supplies

The drive for efficiency in the end product also drives changes in the T&M equipment needed to provide power and make measurements during test...

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