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Telcomm Regulator Fits Off-Line Apps

Designed for telecom applications but also suitable for off-line designs, the LR8 three terminal regulator offers an input voltage of 450V, a line regulation of 0.01%/V, and an adjustable output from 1.2 to 440V. With an input voltage of 15V, load regulation is ±3% for an output load of 0.5 to 10 mA. Guaranteed output current is 10 mA maximum.
The device is available in the 3-pin SOT-89 (TO-243AA) part number LR8N8 and in the 3-pin TO-92, part number LR8N3, packages. Pricing for the LR8N3 is $0.52 each/1000 and the LR8N8 is $0.54 each/1000.

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