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Telecom Power Supplies Configure For 250 To 2000 W

The Helios MiniFLEX family of ­48-V telecom power solutions consists of 250- and 500-W hot-swappable modular rectifiers. One MiniFLEX unit holds up to four rectifier modules for a total output power of 250 to 2000 W. Features include no-float adjustment, front-accessible connections, low-voltage disconnect, and eight 10-A fused distribution outputs. The MiniFLEX devices measure less than 3U high by 19 in. wide by 13.2 in. deep. The 250-W module delivers up to 4.6 A continuously while operating from a universal ac input. The 500-W module delivers up to 9.2 A continuously with operation from a 176- to 264-V ac input. Each rectifier achieves greater than 86% efficiency at loads ranging from 50% to full power. Pricing starts at $2537 per 2000-W unit in small quantities.

www.astec.com; (514) 832-6686

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