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Three-Level Press-Pack IGBT Inverter Stacks Rated Up To 16 MW

Three-Level Press-Pack IGBT Inverter Stacks Rated Up To 16 MW

A recently released range of standard, three-level press-pack IGBT phase leg stacks feature a power rating up to 16 MW. Developed by IXYS subsidiary IXYS UK Westcode, the stacks fit applications at three voltage levels: 3.3, 6.6, and 10 kV. The 3.3-kV option is available as a single stack, consisting of a complete phase leg of four 2400-A press-pack IGBTs plus anti-parallel and neutral-point clamp diodes. The phase leg is rated at 8 MW. The 6.6- and 10-kV solutions comprise discrete stacks of 1600-A reverse-conducting press-pack IGBTs and fast diodes that can be configured into the phase leg. Each phase leg requires two IGBT stacks and one diode stack. The 6.6- and 10-kV stacks are rated at up to 12 MW and 16 MW, respectively. Direct water cooling effectively dissipates heat away from the devices, while pre-loaded disk spring clamping evenly distributes the applied force across the device’s entire surface area. An isolated clamping rod system limits the occurrence of eddy currents. Applications include medium voltage drives for industrial, marine, and renewable energy infrastructures such as wind generation, and very large drives for use in the oil, gas, and steel industries.



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