Three-Phase Sine-Wave Inverter System Built For Industrial Apps

Three-Phase Sine-Wave Inverter System Built For Industrial Apps

The CTP 1K series of ruggedized, modular dc-ac inverter systems leverage microprocessor-controlled technology to deliver three-phase, 1000-VA output power with pure sine-wave output voltage. The devices, developed by ABSOPULSE Electronics, offer three-phase outputs of 208, 380, or 400 V rms (line-to-line). Also usable are phase-to-neutral voltages of 115, 220, or 240 V rms. They operate from dc voltages of 24, 48, 110, or 125 V dc. All incorporate protection such as inrush current limiting, reverse polarity, input-to-output isolation, output current limiting with short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown with auto-resetting. The fan-cooled series delivers 1-kVA continuous power over 0 to 50°C without derating (wider operating temperature ranges are available). Among other options are full ruggedizing and conformal coating, customized input and output configurations, remote shutdown or enable, a Form C output fail alarm, and Class B EN55022 EMI filtering. Industrial applications include 400-Hz servo systems to test avionic instrumentation and equipment, and for testing small three-phase equipment in engineering labs.


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