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Tiny Dual Power MOSFETs Are PWM-Optimized

A complementary n- and p-channel MOSFET half-bridge in a TSOP-6 package is one of three new PWM-optimized Little Foot devices. The Si3850DV is claimed as the first dual n- and p-channel device in so small a package. It's specifically aimed at high-efficiency dc/dc converter applications with outputs below 1W.One Si3850DV device can replace the two SOT-23 MOSFETs used to convert battery power to logic-level voltages in digital cameras, PCS and cellular phones, camcorders and bar-code scanners. Maximum gate charge is just 2.5 nC. On-resistance is 0.5 ohms for the n-channel and 1 ohm for the p-channel component.


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