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Triple-Output Step-Down µModule Regulator Delivers 70 W

Triple-Output Step-Down µModule Regulator Delivers 70 W

Featuring an integrated heatsink, Linear Tech’s LTM4634 triple-output step-down micromodule (µModule) regulator provides full current on all three outputs (5, 5, and 4 A)—totaling more than 70 W of output power at 65ºC ambient with 200-FLM airflow. The regulator, combined with just 13 ceramic capacitors and three resistors in a 15- by 15- by 5.01-mm ball-grid array, fits within 4.5 cm2 on a dual-sided printed-circuit board. Also included are three dc-dc controllers, power switches, inductors, and compensation. Regulated output voltage for channels one and two can be adjusted between 0.8 and 5.5 V; the third channel is adjustable from 0.8 to 13.5 V. Each channel maintains ±1.5% accuracy over line, load, and temperature. The three switchers operate from a 4.75- to 28-V input voltage. Thanks to separate input power pins for each, channel one and/or channel two can be supplied from a 12.5-V, 50-W intermediate bus generated from channel three. For loads exceeding 5 A, channels one and two can be paralleled to support up to 10 A. Applications include regulation of intermediate power buses (e.g. 12, 5, and 3.3 V) for instrumentation, communications, and the industrial sector.


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