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Tuning Varactor Diodes Offer High Q

Exceptional Q ratings are offered by a line of silicon abrupt, hyperabrupt and super-hyperabrupt tuning varactor diodes. The GVD abrupt models are 30V diodes with 16 values for frequencies from VHF to 1500 MHz for applications from narrow to medium bandwidths. Three hyperabrupt series (GVD30400, GVD30500 and GVD30600) feature high capacitance ratios. They're useful in obtaining linear, wide-frequency performance from VHF to microwave frequencies. The super-hyperabrupt types (GVD1400 and GVD20430 through GVD20450 models) are low-voltage varactors with high capacitance ratios. They provide superior bandwidths and linear midrange sensitivities. Capacitance values are suitable for VCOs at frequencies from VHF to 1.5 GHz.


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