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Two-Step Battery Charger Fuels Gel Cells And SLAs

A two-step battery charger, the BCH 1500-AEQ, utilizes advanced high-frequency conversion topology to yield 1500 W of output power. It's designed for charging standard 120-V, 60-cell gel-cell and sealed lead-acid batteries using rectangular current limiting with constant voltage charging. The unit works from a power-factor-corrected 95- to 264-V ac universal input. The automatic two-step float/equalize function ensures that the battery cells initially equalize to 144 V dc and 10 A. When the output current drops below 2A, the system automatically switches to a 138-V dc float voltage. It's housed in a 7.5- by 5- by 15-in. chassis and can also be mounted in a 19-in. shelf. It meets EN55022 Class A electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards. The unit is fan-cooled and operates from 0°C to 50°C. Custom options are available. The basic BCH 1500-AEQ model costs $1450.

Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
www.absopulse.com; (613) 836-3511

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