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Ultra-Wide-Input  DC-DC Generates 40 W

Ultra-Wide-Input DC-DC Generates 40 W

The open-frame CPTXX36 “Cool Power Technologies” 16th-brick dc-dc converter provides a full 40 W of output power, making it a good fit for distributed-power architectures. The ultra-wide-input (18 to 75 V) module from Semiconductor Circuits also can serve as a fully regulated intermediate bus converter. It comes in three standard output voltages—3.3, 5, and 12 V—and operates over a wide ambient temperature range with minimal derating. The 5-V, 8-A CPT8A36N model features full-load efficiencies of 90% at 48 VIN and 91% at 24 VIN, which allows for rated power at 70°C and 100-LFM (0.5 m/s) airflow at 48 VIN. Pinout and dimensions (30 by 22.9 mm) are standard; maximum height is 9.5 mm.



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