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Undershoot-Protected Bus Switch Family Expanded

Low power consumption makes the FSTU32160 undershoot-protected bus switch ideal for servers, data routers, network and telecomm switches, and RAID systems that require peripheral and network card hot-swap capability while maintaining a high degree of data integrity. The 16- to 32-bit TTL-compatible multiplexer/demultiplexer switch is designed with UHC Undershoot Hardened Circuitry that senses undershoot levels up to -2V on any I/O data port. When an undershoot event occurs, the protection circuitry responds by preventing voltage differentials from turning on the switch, allowing the switch to maintain isolation. The device features low on-resistance, resulting in minimum propagation delay between inputs and outputs and no generation of additional ground bounce. Pricing is $1.40 each/1000.


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